Welcome to your wellbeing diary. The aims of the diary are for you to understand the patterns in various aspects of your wellbeing.

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What are the benefits of taking part?


  • It is hoped that this self-monitoring tool will help you manage and maintain good wellbeing.
  • Understand what contributes to or depletes your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Track changes and develop strategies for improving wellbeing.
  • The diary does not allow us to identify those who are at risk of harm or tailor advice to support needs.
  • However it is encouraged you reflect and use the following resources as a starting point to make improvements in your wellbeing.
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Personal Information Policy

  • Any personal information that may be collected during the course of the research is kept strictly confidential, held securely and anonymised.
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We may publish research papers or public reports as an outcome of the diary to view any public materials click the following link.

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